Julie Kohno

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Julie Kohno | Wild Card DanceJulie was born and raised in Topeka, Ks where she danced from the age of 3.  After graduating high school she set her sites on Los Angeles where she was accepted into the Joe Tremaine Scholarship Program. After a year of intense training with instructors Joe Tremaine, Marguerite Derricks, Jackie Sleight, Michael Rooney, Doug Caldwell, Bill Bohl and Terry Beeman, to name a few, Julie began her dance career. Julie danced in music videos, commercials, and movies, with such artists as Bijork, Spike Jonze, Rob Schneider, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. She was also a member of the pop band Petroleum Jell dancing and singing live on stages in Romania, Budapest, and Albania as well as local clubs. Julie was the choreographer for the band and for three other bands under the Midney Record label. She eventually got an acting agent and pursued acting as well.

Julie decided to hang up her hat in the entertainment industry and became a mother. When she signed up her first daughter Lola for dance at Wildcard Dance Company, she had no idea that she would be reconnected with her dance roots and is able to explore dance with so many great kids.   Teaching dance and enhancing great confidence in children has since become a great passion and Julie is enjoying every moment of this journey!