Do you offer dance classes for adults?

We do not offer adult dance classes at this time. Don’t forget to join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with future adult dance classes. Our studio is rented from various teachers that hold adult dance classes for Flamenco, Ballroom, Belly Dancing, etc. Please see our dance studio rentals page for more information.

Do you offer dance classes for young children?

Yes we offer dance classes for ages 3-18 years old. Our 3-4 year olds would take the Combo classes, and we offer our teenagers (ages 13-18) who are somewhat new to dance teen classes, so your teenager feels comfortable while learning a new style of dance.


How is your studio/program structured?

WCDC offers all dance classes as monthly enrollment classes or drop in/single class. We start our season Early-August and continue through mid June. Summer dance classes begin Mid-July for 3 weeks. Please see our tuition page for details on Enrollment prices and Drop In prices.


Do you offer classes for beginners?

Absolutely. We offer beginner dance classes for all styles of dance, including hip hop, tap, jazz, and ballet.


Can Holidays or "Studio Closed" days be used towards make up classes?

No. Only classes that are missed during days the studio are open can be used as make up classes and can only be made up within one month of the date missed.


Is there a dance performance at the end of the year?

Yes. Our end of the year recital is held at the end of the season in June. This recital is studio wide and is optional for your dancer. About 90% of the studio performs in the annual recital.

Our Company Team performs at multiple competitions, conventions, musicals, and studio shows throughout the year, in addition to recital.


How long is the end of the year recital?

Our recital is on one day. There are two shows that your dancer will perform each class dance.