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Wild Card Dance Company offers many different styles of dance classes for children of all ages. Here is a description of the different styles of dance classes that we offer.


 Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement with formalized steps and gestures. Ballet defines the foundation for almost all other dance genres. It utilizes controlled movements of the body to express the beauty of physical motion, often telling a story.


Structure of Ballet Classes

Each ballet class will begin with classical barre work to develop proper technique and warm up the body. Following barre, dancers will do ballet exercises and combinations in the center and across the floor.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a dance form influenced by Caribbean and Latin styles that is matched to the syncopated rhythms of jazz, or popular, music. The technique of jazz dance has its roots in ballet and uses many of the same body placement elements found in ballet, yet it incorporates a low center of gravity and high level of energy. Jazz dance has been influenced over the years by the many styles of its choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Katherine Dunham and requires the performer to have proper technique displaying correct body placement, extension and control.


Structure of Jazz Classes

Dancers will begin each jazz class by stretching. Jazz dance classes will also include center and across the floor exercises incorporating the following:

  • turns
  • jumps
  • leaps
  • musicality
  • control

Most weeks dancers will also learn a short combo to perform during the class.

 Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop dance refers to a “street style” of dance performed to hip hop music that includes a wide range of movements from breaking, locking and popping. The freestyle, or improvisational, nature of hip hop makes it very popular. It is a high energy form of dance and has its roots in the urban music scene. While some movements are executed close to the ground, most hip hop is performed standing up.


Structure of Hip Hop Classes

All our classes use age appropriate music and include stretch/warm-up and hip hop techniques taught with both across the floor & center exercises. Most weeks dancers will also learn a short combo to perform during the class.


Tap Dance Classes

A style of American dance using shoes fitted with metal taps. It is characterized by rhythmical tapping of the heels and toes on the floor as a percussive instrument. Tap is commonly considered to be a form of music.


Structure of Tap Classes

Our tap classes include center/barre warm-ups & center and across the floor technique. Some weeks dancers will also learn a short tap dance combo to perform during the class.

Dance Classes in Agoura Hills | Wild Card Dance Company


Contemporary dance evolved in the 1950s and 60s. It combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet, giving it a unique look. Contemporary dance tends to be intricate and physical with quick level and direction changes made to look seamless. It is a stylized form of dance that ranges from pedestrian to classical movements and has become increasingly popular in the past decade.


Structure of Contemporary Classes

Contemporary classes will include a center stretch and warm-up, some barre work, across the floor exercises & center combinations.




Lyrical dance technique can trace its roots back to Russia in the first half of the 20th century. The Russian method used focuses on back strength and the fluidity of the arms. Lyrical and contemporary also really test the abilities of bodies to create many impactful emotions through sharp movements. This approach to dance helped shape lyrical dance in later decades into what it is today. Lyrical dance started turning into a new dance form in the 1970’s as a form of Jazz that told a story or classic ballet, lyrical later described the movements that went directly with the song that was played, kind of like improve. Lyrical dance did not gained popularity until the 1990s. Dance teachers struggled with whether to include the new style, alongside jazz, and ballet. Some argued that lyrical should be taught only as a version of ballet and jazz.

Dance Classes in Agoura Hills | Wild Card Dance Company

Combination (Combo) Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop

An introduction to ballet/tap or jazz/hip hop. This class is divided each week to present the basics in each of the styles of dance. The student is introduced to ballet at the barre and in center. Singing is incorporated to increase awareness of the music and how it relates to dance. Basic tap steps are introduced for rhythm and to create a relationship between the feet and the mind. Fundamental jazz movement is taught to promote expression and feeling during class. Hip Hop movement is taught to introduce the groove used to connect the body’s muscles into one unit.




Breakin’ (Break Dancing)

A popular style of street dance that was born and developed as part of hip hop culture among African Americans and Latino youths in Bronx, New York in the 1970’s. As a hip hop dance, it is usually danced to hip hop music, and incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, style, spontaneity, and fashion. The dancers often participate in battles, formal or informal dance competitions between two or more individuals or dancing crews.

Acro (Acrobatics for Dancers)

Similar to the floor skills of gymnastics, it is a high energy performing art that focuses on strength, stretch, balance and partnering work (stunting). Basic tumbling includes backbends, cartwheels, handstands/headstands, rolls, walkovers, handsprings, aerial tricks and more. Our teachers make sure to focus on strengthening the dancers before moving forward to more advanced acrobatics, to ensure safety.




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